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Making is Thinking is Making, Triennale Design Museum, Milano, Italy, 2 Apr. ~ 12 Sep. 2016

Harmony of materials, Sophis gallery, Seoul, Korea, 9 Jul. ~ 5 Aug. 2016.

Made 人 KOREA, DDP, Seoul, Kwangju, Busan, Korea, 3 March ~ 4 Apr. 2016

KOREAN Craft & Design in Munich 2016, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, 20 Feb. ~ 28 Mar. 2016

"Korea now", Musée des Arts décoratifs de Paris, France, 19 Sept, 2015 ~ 7. Feb. 2016

'손의 축제', Seoul focus, curated by Seoul municipal gallery, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, 8 Sept. ~ 8 Nov. 2015

Hand made Korea fair, curated by design group A to Z, Seoul, Korea. Jul. 2015

'합' infinite possibility of material, Korea design & craft foundation gallery, Jul 2015

Tools for a break, Berlin design week, Berlin, May 2015

Objects on the table, gallery Awon, Seoul, May 2015

Rebirth of bottle, Heartist space, Seoul, Korea, May 2015 (curated by Maison Korea)

Young Creators Korea 2015, DDP, Seoul, Korea, March 2015

Tools for a break, Munich creative buisness week,Gallery Rieder, Munich, Germany, Feb 2015

Maison & Object 2015, Paris Nord-Villepinte, Paris, France, Jan 2015

Craft 36.5, Craft trend fair 2014, Coex, Seoul, Dec 2014 (curated by Korea craft & design foundation,)

10 emerging designers, Home table deco fair 2014, curated by Casa living Korea, Seoul, Coex, Dec 2014

Open mind, Kazerne, Dutch design week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Oct 2014 ~ Jan 2015

Invited exhibition, Super design gallery, London design festival, London, UK, Sep 2014

Appropriate of appropriate technology, Seoul National Museum of Art, Korea, Aug ~ Nov 2014

Art furniture IN, Arirang gallery, Busan, Korea, July 2014

Invited exhibition curated by Korea Craft & Design Foundation, KCDF gallery, Seoul, Jun 2014

Dutch design code, Gana art space, Seoul, curated by Netherlands Education Support Office, Korea, April 2014

DDP furniture permanent collection, curated by Seoul design council, DDP, Seoul, Korea, March, 2014

Sharing ideas, Space B.E, Korea, Sept. 2013

Obstruction of life, Gana artedition, Korea, Jul. 2013

Before sunrise, LVS craft, Seoul Korea May 2013

Design Korea 2012, curated by KIDP, Daegu, Korea. Oct. 2012

Seoul design festival 2011, Coex, Seoul, South Korea. Dec. 2011

Hand made Korea fair, curated by design group A to Z, Seoul, Korea. Jul. 2011

'Food for future' curated by Food design & Art Museum, Salone del Mobile, Millan, Italy. Apr. 2011

Dutch design week 2010, Design academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Oct. 2010

Art & design sale, TAC art center, Eindhoven, The Netherland. 2010

Metal art & Design Graduation show, Hongik Univ, Seoul Korea. Nov. 2006