Basalt; stationery series _ 2014
design project supported by the Korea Craft and Design Foundation

The Basalt range by Jeonghwa Seo comprises a paper weight, coasters, a bookend, a pen holder, a pen tray and a business card tray. Each is carved from natural stones by craftspeople in Jeju, the largest island in South Korea, and given an underside coating of black acrylic to prevent scratching the desk surface.

The flat hexagonal coasters and hexagonal prism paperweight mimic the island's coastal rock formations. Triangular forms seen in the pen tray, bookend and business card holder reflect the 386 volcanic peaks on Jeju Island, itself formed as the result of a volcanic eruption off the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. The pen holder, with a trio of slots for writing implements, is based on "jeongjumeok" – stone pillars with three holes made for supporting wooden bars. These pillars stand either side of pathways that lead to homes on the island, named "ollae", and act as gate posts. The packaging for all six items reflects the strong geometric shapes and monochrome colour palette of the collection.

The range was developed as part of a design project supported by the Korea Craft and Design Foundation, a public institution founded to establish the identity of Korean creative arts.

제주도의 석공 장인들에 의해서 생산되는 문구류 시리즈. 오름, 주상절리, 정낭의 형태를 응용하여 디자인 된 문구류는 북엔드, 컵받침, 펜홀더, 문진, 펜트레이로 구성되어 있으며 현지의 공사현장이나 석공작업의 부산물인 현무암 조각을 현지의 석공 장인 들이 가공하여 제작. 하부에는 책상의 흠집방지를 위해 아크릴 소재로 코팅.

Photograph by Yohan Ji of Unreal studio.
Basalt collected and carved by Namwon stones, Jeju.
BI direction and designed by studio PLAT