Bloom & co. space design
Project _ 2019
Location _ Seongsudong, Seoul Client _ Bloom & Co.
Designer _ Jeonghwa Seo Construction _ UOR space Photography _ Unrealstudio

The store is place in the hottest place nowadays in Seoul called Seongsu-dong. It meets the boundary of Seoul forest(public park of Seoul).
The store is in the half-basement of the 3 stories building. The client (Bloom&co.) wanted to renovate the former house into the flower & tea shop.
The concept of the space is started from how to continue the nature of Seoul forest in to the shop.
By using the landscape of the forest, I tried to extend the landscape of forest into the half- basement place. In order to do so, I used the stones which can make the small hills at the balcony.
The main materials used in this space is stones. Smaller stones are used for making hills at the balcony and the larger stones( tiger-skin stones)are used mainly for indoor structures. Stone piling techniques were used to make the indoor structures such as displaying shelves.
2.8meters long table is especially made for doing flower arrangement. The storage at the center of the table enables the guests to do the arrangement of flowers as a meditation. The sign board is made of solid granite with a tiny hole on top of the stone for daily flower arrangement of the shop.
The stones represents the continuous nature which extended from the park. I imagined the urban space is invaded by the natural elements which coming in through from the park. I Hope this space remembered as medium of the nature and the urban space.